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Our Mission

bulletTo carry out corporate operations with The Golden Rule first in our minds.
bulletTo respect our home, the Earth, and protect and preserve her.
bulletTo influence our government and representatives such that our nation pursues the two items above and works toward protecting and enhancing civil and human rights world-wide.
bulletTo pursue a reasonable profit using honest and ethical means and have fun doing so.

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Company Profile

GMB Technical Corporation is a Washington State corporation providing technical services and the sale of products and product lines we believe in and use.

Incorporated and formed in November 2002, the company is led by President Jeffrey Bruton.  With degrees from South Seattle Community College, The Evergreen State College, and a Master's from New York University, Mr. Bruton brings extensive education and a wealth of experience to the corporation's leadership position.

This award winner believes environmental and socially responsible corporate behavior not only can coexist with the pursuit of profit, but indeed increases profit and sustainability over the long term, and typically raises company morale.

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